This is Part 2 in a 5 part series about various “finds” I’ve had at thrift stores. If you missed the first post you can read it here. This is the Jaguar and the Duck. ameliauar

I couldn’t pass by these brightly colored paintings for the kid’s rooms, and the frames are awesome. Immediately I was struck by their likeness to Haze and Mae. Seriously. Do you see it? Mae is the Jaguar and Haze is the duck. Which is why Mae wanted the duck in her room and Haze wanted the jaguar? We settled on hanging them both in the hallway between their rooms.

If there is original or unique art at the thrift store, I have a hard time passing it by. Our walls are quickly filling up with a variety of styles and mediums that, at least I think, go together. An amalgamation of Robespierre and my style.

I come by it, the covering of every inch of our walls, honestly. My Grandpa and Grandma’s house had scant areas of unclaimed wall space; old shadow box hazelbirdframes with barber shop supplies, pictures of family, and my Grandma’s needle point creations made a stroll to the bathroom take twice as long as you paused to examine whatever penetrated your periphery.

The Duck and Jaguar are original paintings done by an artist with the last name James. That is all I can make out of the signature on the painting. I have no idea who he/she is, if you know, please clue me in. I paid $2 a piece for them.