What pulls me to the thrift store more than anything else is the hunt for records. In fact, it’s where my love affair with the spinning disc started. I found three boxes (about 280 records) of near mint late seventies vinyl for $10. (Most stores sell albums for $1 a piece). On this day there were two sealed and one opened box that were brought to the floor. I looked inside and was quite surprised by the artists and condition of the albums. I asked “How much?”She looked around and said “Ten bucks, take them all.” I quickly pulled my car around and loaded it.


Since then, I have bought three players and countless records. I’m passionate about music, and now I understand why people are particular with how they listen to it. Without the “$10 Deal” I may never have known the beauty of collecting records. The sound, feel, look, and discovery that collecting them brings.

At a dollar a piece, I can stand to take a chance on bands and singers I may have otherwise overlooked. It has also spiked my interest in new music. Going to the local record store I can talk to a real human about new music coming in, rather than relying on iTunes comments and cd bins. A bonus is that many bands are now inserting an MP3 download of the album along with the record.

The other collectors I run into are hilarious. A peculiar lot – I think I fit in. We talk about good finds and music we are interested in, all the while protecting the times and days we find best to get to the new arrivals. Nothing is better than feeling like you’re the first person going through a pile of records from the back room. There are also the unwritten rules we follow, I hope it’s not just me, like letting someone have their time to sift through new arrivals if they were there first. Pacing behind them hoping their interests our outside yours. Thinking to myself “Yes! They took a Vince Gill they can’t possibly want “Blood on the Tracks”.”

It’s also been a cool way to spend time with Robespierre and the girls. It forces us to engage with music. Instead of an intangible noise pouring through wireless speakers, it is a real thing that we have to tend to by cleaning, flipping, and putting it back on the shelf. A lesson in patience and sometimes perseverance.