From The Vault “I Just Had An Epiphany”

**This was written one year ago. Fresh material to come Thursday. I had an epiphany, yes an epiphany. ( I can’t write that without thinking of a former student of mine. We were in a school meeting discussing his progress, I started the meeting by addressing the fact that his attendance was affecting his grades, […]

Post-Break Trial Run

The alarm sounded, I snoozed, it sounded again, and I arose to make my way to Mae’s room. No surprise, she was cuddled deep within her blankets asleep. I sat on her bed; she clutched her covers tight and rolled over. I rubbed her back acknowledging that it’s tough getting back into routine. “It’ll be […]

“When Your Head Gets Twisted and Yer Mind Grows Numb.”

A giant spoon entered our kettle on Friday. I spent the day with Haze, reading updated reports on my phone as information about a shooting, in a town I never heard of, splashed the top of every “feed” I subscribe to; making their various “pings” and “dings” rhythmically in my pocket. I glanced at social […]

You Learned What? At School?

“But dad, that’s what he said. It’s real, seriously.” Mae said “seriously”, well, super seriously, and walked away in a huff. All because I wasn’t supporting something a classmates said he believes. You would have thought she was 16. Instead of listening to, and believing, her all-knowing-and-most-powerful daddy, she said she thought he was right, […]


The Phrases that Shouldn’t Phase Us

“Are we there yet?” Mae said, an hour into our six-hour trip. The words aren’t hers; they’re passed down from generation to generation of youngster wanting to drive their parents batty with their blindness to the passage of time and space. With Haze parroting everything Mae says, the phrase, at every turn, became a cacophonous […]


Not ‘Just Another’ Day

“That’s right! You don’t have school tomorrow!” I said excitedly. It was Sunday night, Amelia’s lunch was packed, and we were winding down watching football when I remembered that she didn’t have school on Monday. The girls would be back together on a weekday, wonder twin powers activate. But, instead of a unicorn and waterfall, […]


Home is Wherever I’m With You.

When we found out that Robespierre’s job may move our family “down south’’, we were anxious, excited, and curious. As much as we enjoy adventure, we loved our home in Wisconsin and leaving wasn’t easy. Wisconsin is where we were born and spent most of our lives, it holds memories that are sewn to the […]


I Was Given the Belt Off of Sandy’s Waist

We were in our hotel room getting “dressed up” for our anniversary dinner when I realized I forgot my belt, the accessory that ties an outfit together. Robin’s quick thinking had me picking up the phone to call the gift shop. “Do you sell belts?” I said. “Let me check.” Said the woman on the […]


I Want What She’s Got

“Why does she get to be in the paper, and I don’t?” Chopped out of Amelia’s mouth while looking at a picture of Hazel, in all her butterfly getting glory, on the front and 5th page of The Madison Record. “The article was about her.”  I said, trying to be matter of fact, with an […]


A Surprise Attempt in the A.H. Era

“Just go. We’ll be fine. Your family will love it.” Robin was urging me to travel to see family in Colorado alone, like, all by myself. Fortunately, she understands that it’s healthy and wise to get out of familiar settings and recharge, or perhaps she noticed that I’ve been a bit edgy and need a […]


The Old Perspective Shift

If you are new to my site, every Tuesday I post my “Dad’s View” column that runs Saturdays in our local paper, The Madison Record. Prior to becoming a parent I couldn’t have imagined doing, thinking, or caring about what I do now. Certainly, I understood why people obsessively read food labels, have a brand […]


So Be Your Name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray

The girls and I went to Disney on Ice last Thursday night. We had an excellent time eating swirled colored ice, cheering on fairies, and getting lost in the wonderful world of Disney. It was 9:00 when I exited the show with Haze sleeping in one arm and Mae holding my hand as she slugged […]


What’s She Really Trying to Say?

After hugs, kisses, bye-bye-toodles, and snagging a flower from the bushes in front of Mae’s school, Haze, riding in a bike trailer that I can push, and I typically walk down the Greenway. It’s a nice ½ mile addition to our morning stroll, and by then my coffee is in full-effect. It’s when we get […]

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Being Content With the Process

I watched a documentary about esteemed Japanese sushi chef Jiro Ono, called “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. The movie weaves through Mr. Ono’s life history; his passion for sushi, relationships with his sons, and food critics thoughts on his work. There were several items that attracted me to the film: lengthy moments of little speaking while […]


An Ounce of Prevention

I tried to tiptoe around the house while looking for Amelia’s unicorn pillow pet, she can’t sleep without it, but it wasn’t found and I landed back on the merry-go-round. Hazel heard me stomping, I’m not light on my feet, called for me, I paused, and opened the door. “Yeeees. Goodnight.” I say in-between the […]


Step Back Dad, She’s Got it Covered

Mae, our kindergartener, has split her days getting to school between walking and riding the bus. Yes, with the help of a sweet neighbor girl, she is occasionally taking the bus to school. I’m having a hard time justify it, given the fact that we live 3/4 mile from the school, but it’s another step […]

whatever it is.

Ah, it’s something I guess

We sit at day break with our legs crossed and mind’s wondering. Who will flinch first? Morning’s dance, setting the tone, of who will hang up and who answers the phone. Go away. I don’t want to talk, the words are all stuck, and I’m trying desperately not to say fuck. Especially to you. If you’d […]

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Leaving A Mark

“Are you ready?” “Yes.” “Here we go.” After that, all I hear is the hum of a simple machine meeting ink and then making it’s way to mark my flesh. That first pin prick piercing my skin is like a mid-morning jump into Lake Michigan on a misty may morning, jarring. Then my endorphins kick […]


Getting Ready to Be Ready Gets in the Way.

I write a column, “Dad’s View”, for our weekly local newspaper “The Madison Record”. Every Tuesday I will post here what ran the previous Saturday. Spankin’ new posts on Thursdays. Getting Ready to Be Ready Gets in the Way It was Sunday night and we were busy laying Mae’s clothes out for the week. I […]

One year ago today.

I wrote the following post one year ago today on my other blog “idiosyncratic wind”.  I will have new, fresh, and super awesome  material Thursday.  For now, enjoy the long-winded musings of a year ago. The other day I was in my office while the girls were playing in their playroom. By the way, what makes […]