We were in our hotel room getting “dressed up” for our anniversary dinner when I realized I forgot my belt, the accessory that ties an outfit together.

Robin’s quick thinking had me picking up the phone to call the gift shop.

“Do you sell belts?” I said.

“Let me check.” Said the woman on the phone. “Yes.”

With an hour to get ready I ran to the main level of our hotel.

When I arrived at the gift shop Sandy showed me to the belts, two to be exact, ugh, they were XXXL, three “X’s” and an “L” too big.

Instead of leaving disappointed, we spent ten minutes working to “shrink” the belt.

We were close to executing our plan when two managers walked in and asked what we were doing. We were explaining the situation when manager #1 interrupted, “It’ll look goofy, fray the belt, and not work.”

We stopped and teased about using my tie as a belt, ala Fred Astaire, while manager #2 gave me directions to the nearest store. My doe eyes must have revealed that I had no intention of ‘going over the railroad tracks and taking a left before Arby’s’, because manager #1 interjected that they might have a uniform belt that I could use.

With a smile and “great idea” they disappeared.

Ten minutes later they came back without a belt but with another plan. They were going to go to the store for me.

I couldn’t let them, they insisted, I thanked them and declined. I was leaving when Sandy said, “You can wear mine. It’s my husbands.” Before I knew it, Sandy’s belt was in my hand, everyone was smiling, and we went on to look stylish while sharing a special night together.

When we got home, I shared this story with Mae and Haze in hopes they’d understand the importance of helping strangers.

Sandy’s belt reminds me, especially during this heated election cycle, people want what’s best for one another. Perhaps, we will work together to fashion a 3000-mile belt for 300+ million people and tie our “outfit” together.