“Just go. We’ll be fine. Your family will love it.” Robin was urging me to travel to see family in Colorado alone, like, all by myself. Fortunately, she understands that it’s healthy and wise to get out of familiar settings and recharge, or perhaps she noticed that I’ve been a bit edgy and need a break.

I was set to buy a plane ticket and head to the Rockies for relaxation when an idea came over me, AHA, I’ll ask my mom to fly in and watch the girls, act like I’m leaving for Colorado, come home from the airport with my mom, scare Robin, and spend our first weekend together without the girls in the A.H. era, that’s ‘After Haze’.

Packing for the surprise.

I was ecstatic and everything was set. Except, evidentially I didn’t appear excited enough and Robin grew suspicious. Uncharacteristically she checked our credit card statement where she saw my mom’s name on the plane ticket, this prompted a text stating her confusion, I came clean, and the surprise was blown.

What does ‘excited enough’ look like? I thought I was acting like ‘me going to Colorado’. Should I have been packed already? Made plans to see a football game? Talked about it incessantly? Would those have been my ‘more normal’ behaviors? Yes.

At first, I was upset that the big surprise was found out. Then, a new feeling came over me, comfort.

See, Robin knows me well enough to sense when I’m ‘not being myself’. Would I have liked to surprise her? Yes, but her taking note of who I am, how I act, and continuing to pay attention to the subtleties of my character after 16 years of being together is pretty cool.

It’s easy to lose track of our significant others in the hustle of life, and we do. Kids, work, relatives, and friends keep us busy. Our heads go down and we ‘act’ forgetting to stop and ‘take notice’.

We are set to leave Madison for an undisclosed location next week to celebrate our ‘dating’ anniversary and to ‘take notice’ of our lives. Why doesn’t she believe that we’re headed to Nebraska?