It may have been was my frame of mind; the idea of tequila ice cream appealed to me. Not tequila flavored ice cream, but pouring tequila on ice cream, and eating it. Don’t try it, not that any of you would, it was disgusting, and I won’t forget R.’s wondering look of why/how I thought it would/could taste anything better than vile. After using the tequila like a chocolate sauce, and realizing R. may have been right, I put it in the blender, thinking the flavors would combine even more and create something magical. Wrong again. This was years ago. I often put foods together in combinations that others may not appreciate, and although I have slowed down in this department, being the main maker of meals, I seemed to have passed my palate-pushing envelope to our kids.

They mix and match foods and beverages at mealtime that make even me, tequila ice cream boy, squirm, and they actually eat their creations. They aren’t mixing tuna with applesauce and pouring it in their milk to hide it, they are creating a new “super beverage”. Ech. The thought of tuna going down my throat with milk and the subtle bumps and flavors of applesauce is bringing up my coffee. A. enjoys describing the flavors and tastes after each gulp or spoonful, looking around as if searching for the right words, a scratch of the chin, adjustment of her glasses, and everything usually ends up “tart”, a word she is proud to use. H. waits for A. to finish her dramatic account of the meal, hanging on her every word, says “Yum”, tries to say “tart”, “t’s” aren’t her strong suit, and smiles. A smile is H.’s way of saying “Okay, stop looking at me, I’m done.” As long as the plates are mostly empty, we all leave the table full and happy.

Oh, an old one. Cheese please. We are obviously from Wisconsin.

My Papa Sense tells me:

Kids minds aren’t filled with as much stress and goofiness as ours, and therefore, they are open to more possibilities, and less frightened by things that we think are undesirable. The operative word is “think”, adults, most of us, think too much, we think so much we out-think things that are good for us.

For many of us, it’s the weekend, try to “turn your brain off” enough to enjoy something new, put yourself in an uncomfortable position (yoga?), or simply watch a cartoon as if you were five. There’s your pep talk. Go buy a bottle of whiskey, and have that smoothie you always dreamed of.