Hello. Welcome. Thanks for coming by. I am feeling something with my computer, the keys and monitor (you’re welcome for an explanation of what a computer is) that I have never felt with it before, a feeling that I have only had with two other objects in my life – a pen and paper. I am experiencing the feeling of cracking open a new journal, bending the spine a bit, pressing down to make it sit flat, bouncing my pen in rhythmic spasms, pressing down the journal again, and rubbing my face, all because I was afraid to put a pen on it, afraid of what those first words were going to be. I believe my trepidation is born from the fear that if someone found my journal, read the first page, and written on it were the words “I really love sausages.” (Something I like to write over and over again to get my creative juices flowing), they may dismiss it and never discover the fact that those sausages have to have mustard on them and are ruined by the mere mention of ketchup, if they lived without that information they may never truly know who I am, my true genius, and well, my memory would be lost, and I will have meant nothing to the world. Or, I just wrote all that to get the first paragraph out-of-the-way and welcome you to my new blog.

I am papasense, a father to two little girls, A. who is four years old, and H. our two-year old. Our? There is also my unbelievably patient wife R., the one who balances me, as I try to do the same for her. I was a Special Education Teacher in Madison, WI for nine years. My wife’s job relocated us to Madison, Al, and with that move came the opportunity for me to stay at home with our children. As much as my wife and I love one another, we are both “fiery” and have, at times, tempers to match. We are strong-willed and stubborn. Our kids, as awesome, beautiful and cool as they are, well, they are kids. They test those parts of you that are hard to willingly test yourself. I rarely thought to myself before kids “That’s it, I got it, I’m going to stand next to a screaming child for 3 hours after getting 30 minutes of sleep and having 2 different people puke on me, then I will know what love is.” I also wouldn’t have known the feelings that come from watching children grow and experience the world.

Yes, we can find these feelings and emotions elsewhere. Having kids is not the only way to become complete or feel the most intense of feelings, but it sure forces you to learn in ways you never imagined, and sacrifice in ways that you couldn’t dream up. There are people who say “they’re kids, we have been doing this since the beginning of time”, yes, true and you may notice in my writing that I volley between the overly romantic and the super jaded. The following blog posts will share stories of our lives and relate them to the greater story, the story that we all share – the story of being a human.

It’s going to be fun, I am fortunate, and I hope that you will enjoy.