“i love you h., and i want to be together forever, but we can’t, i have to go to school next year…”

i was in the kitchen and overheard a., our four year old, explaining to h., our two year old, the following.

a., while rubbing h.’s back with her hand, “it’s okay sweety. i know that you will miss me, but i have to go.” my ears perked up. i thought she was setting h. up for a crying jag. you know, planting thoughts and feelings in her younger sister’s emotionally fragile mind to see how she’d react, not that she is all that emotionally stable either, i stopped and continued to listen.

“i love you sweety and we are sisters and we will be together forever, but next year i have to go to school. do you know what school is?”. i was expecting to hear one of h.’s stock answers to questions, like ” ummm bue” she’s moving out of it, but she went through a period where everything was “bue” (of course that is blue). “h., how many fingers am I holding up?” “ummm bue?” – always asked like a question. “h. what is your name?” “umm bue?”. you get the point. we took to asking her the color of her eyes and the sky. but, this time she just looked at her sister, as i peeked around the corner.

a. continued “h. i will be home for dinner, but all kids have to go to school. i love you h. and you will go to school too. did you know when we grow up we will have to live in separate houses? i know, i don’t want to sweety, but we will have to have our own families and we can’t live together.” h. continued to look at a. as a. continued to rub h.’s back. “h. it will be okay. we will always be sisters.” after clearing my throat and blinking my eyes i rounded the corner.

“okay guys let’s get our shoes on.” we headed to the library.

a nice moment between two little beings. glad i was there to witness it.