hello to all of you who read my blog, and a big thank you for your support. this is not a whimsical diatribe about the joys of keeping a clean house with two young ones, but some real housekeeping of the blog. although it was pretty, um, awesome to find a. and h. snacking on kernels of two week old popcorn they found in their playhouse microwave yesterday. we do feed them.

it has come to my attention that it is not always easy to get into wordpress and comment on a post. i love feedback and comments, and in an effort to hear all of your thoughts, i have created a idiosyncratic wind email address. please feel free to send your comments there. if you would like me to publish them on the site please indicate that in the email, if you just want to say hi – I welcome that as well. idiowind@gmail.com

new post coming soon.