i learned something today. how to make hummus silky smooth. i know. probably the most significant revelation in my life since discovering the beauty behind separating halloween/parade/pinata candy (yes, we still have all three) into a chocolate bag and a candy bag.

candy and chocolate should never mix

the start of de-skinning the chicks
proof i didn't give up
they can't believe how smooth the hummus is - stupified

i don’t measure my ingredients, but here is a list of what i used – pretty standard: chick peas, sesame seeds (no tahini. i think a. is okay with it, but after it’s responsibility for an allergic reaction that ended in the emergency room – i have an aversion to it. just like my inability to eat grape jelly. when i was younger i couldn’t swallow pills – my parents crushed them up and put them into grape jelly.), cumin, red pepper flakes, smart oil, ginger, lemon, salt and pepper. yes, peeling the peas proved to be worth the time. i should also say that blending the spices and oil before adding the chick peas may have added to our wonderful hummus creation. unfortunately, i just remembered that we are out of pita bread.

our find of the week.

the wurlitzer funmaker delux

i couldn’t pass this little beauty up for three reasons: 1. we want to expose the kids to music in all forms whether it be playing instruments, listening to it, or watching videos. 2. it looks really cool. it warms up our reading room – very warm blanket on a couch in january feel. 3. it is the same organ that we had in our home growing up. i never played the organ. in fact, i have never played any musical instrument, sans a brief affair with drums, the violin when i was very young, wailing in the harmonica annoying everyone but me, and the bells for church in the 6th grade (the only reason i played the bells was to go on the end of the year trip to bay beach park in green bay, wisconsin – a small-scale amusement park. the only reason i wanted to go to bay beach park was because girls would be going to bay beach park and i could get out of school.). i’m hoping to learn alongside the girls. r. wants me to pick up the guitar – we’ll see.

lately, i have been concentrating my energies on turning this here blog into a podcast. i will be posting my first podcast, a read of a previous blog post, to this here blog by the end of the weekend – hopefully. if you are a fan of this blog, if you appreciate my written word, please let me know what you think of the podcast. i will continue to write blog posts, but want to play with audio as well. i appreciate all of the feedback i get on this blog. please let me know what you think of the podcast once it is posted.