I am struggling with the idea that I may need to change the style of my writing. I have not made any formal decisions, but it has come to my attention that I may be “taken more seriously” if I clean up my spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and other awesome disciplines of grammar that bother me and that I don’t fully understand.

It is obvious that I have a few hang-ups when it comes to writing. I understand that most people see my “hang-ups” as laziness, and may dismiss my content due to my “sloppy writing”. I happen to think that the way that I write dictates the way that the blog is to be read.

Before I take my ‘giant leap’ into being more responsible with my punctuation, tenses, capitalizations, and other disciplines of the English language, I would like to share my take on my style.

I don’t like capital letters. I don’t like the way they look, they appear to be hunched over the other letters. There is no visual balance in words. Perhaps, if we capitalized the first and last letter of every word I would feel better, at least there would be balance. All letters are equally important in a word, except for the letter “s”, the queen and king of all letters. I also love the look of a lower case “I”.

A few other “hang-ups” I have; I don’t like exclamation points, I love periods, I have made up my own rules for commas, I don’t get semi-colons, and I often use run-on sentences. As I write my blogs, I am reliving the stories in my head, and often lose track of what tense I am using.

I write like I talk, and I want the reader to read like they are listening, but, like I said, I would like for people, outside of my friends and family (who I thank for their support and reading of my blog), to take me seriously, and not be turned off by my lack of discipline.

I write my blog for many reasons. In the beginning it was a way of expressing my thoughts about a huge transition in my life, and I wanted to work on becoming a more disciplined writer. Becoming a more disciplined writer initially meant writing every day, or close to. The next step on my journey of becoming a better writer is to have the discipline to write in a way that is understandable, clear, concise, and adheres to the rules of grammar.

I blame my grammar issues on Whitman, Ginsburg, e.e. cummings (hey, he likes it that way), and many others.

The bigger issue is capitulation. Surrendering my style to please others. But, if you want people to listen, you have to speak their ‘language’. I wear a tie to job interviews, I certainly used appropriate grammar obtaining my degrees, and I have otherwise exercised discipline and sacrifice to attain goals. I am making a ‘big stink’ about doing something that normal people do without thinking. Will anything be lost by changing my style? Is anything gained by changing my style? Or is this another piece in my becoming-a-more-disciplined-human puzzle, and understanding that ‘good’ anything takes time? Or do I just love ideas and hate editing?

What do you think?