my brain is quite scattered today. between r. being gone the first half of the week, a dermatology appointment in birmingham yesterday, an eye exam today, and all the other running, dodging, picking, tucking, wiping, and other “ings” our week had for us – i’m pretty spent. i could take a turn down cry baby avenue, i will not. we all have weeks that drain us. in reality, it has been a good week, and i am going to try to convince myself of that , i mean reflect on the top events of the week, in hopes that it will clear my mind of “the drain”, and lift me up for the coming weekend. so, if i may lay down on your davenport, cuddle up with an afghan, and share the top three memories of our week.

1. after a.’s dermatology appointment in birmingham, we went on the hunt for a restaurant to celebrate our flat warts. now, you can’t celebrate flat warts at just any toad restaurant. no, no, no. flat wart celebrations are wart-hy of a special eatery with one of kind food. i don’t know birmingham very well, and drove until i found a mall area that had a handful of restaurants attached. we pulled into a place called flip burger. they were pretty good flipping burgers. we ate outside and had a beautiful view of the hills. we especially enjoyed the n2 shakes – we had the nutella and burnt marshmallow – wow – they were amazing and smoked on the way to the table. r. and i are fans of the show “top chef” on bravo. it turns out that a contestant of the show, richard blais, whom i happened to like, opened up two “flip burgers” in georgia and this is his first in alabama.

h.'s face when the shakes came to the table
a. giving the thumbs up to a good burger

2. a. and h. danced and played together in a.’s room while listening to the beatles for close to 45 minutes – alone. the greatest part? they went in there on their own, had a blast, and came out smiling for lunch. we need to listen to more “kid” music, but there are some bands that they need to know – the beatles being one. and i would say that the beatles play music for every age group, but i do get a bit creeped out when i go in to check on a. at night, she is sleeping and “only a northern song” is playing.

3. r. and i sported our patched-up overalls, patchwork pants, listened to jam bands, ate tater-tot-hot-dish (the first meal r. made for me), burned patchouli incense, and flashed back fifteen years in time to celebrate who we are and who we were – a la my last blog post – for our fifteen years after meeting one another celebration. a. and h. got in on the groove and showed that they can jam dance with the best of them. i must admit that the length of some of the songs, that i used to be able to sit through, grew tiring. how i used to sit through fifteen minute jams (songs) is hard to know.

and this bunny needs a rope tied around his neck. ( I think that may be my new “sign off”)

that is all for today.

enjoy your halloween celebrations.