when i am down, feeling sorry for myself or just having a normal case of the blues, there are four people that can bring me back to earth.

today is not one of those days, but two of the four ‘pick me uppers’ or better put ‘smack me outta the funker’s’ are in the picture below.

after playing for a good half hour by themselves, which was awesome in itself, they came out of h.’s bedroom with diapers on their heads. how could i say no when they asked if they could wear them while we ran our errands today? there were more smiles than stares, with one woman asking, after much thought, “i have to ask. what’s with the diapers?” i simply said “they wanted to wear them.” and smiled. she shook her head and smiled too.

life can be serious. sometimes it needs to be, but really, we are all s$&” for brains needing to wear a diaper on our head in public every now and again. flip it around today, smile, and remember it’s just a diaper on her head.