good day to you all. here is the premise of friday’s posts. this is a writing exercise that i used to do with my students. i am going to start a story. i would then request that you add to the story. one word, one sentence, a paragraph or six. the next person will then add the next part, and the story will grow. you may contribute more than once, but please wait for two people to go before you go again.(think I was a teacher?)

here we go.

he grew up alone in the green spaces between two major midwestern towns. I mean, he had people around him, mostly good people, and a lot of them, but he never knew his place, he didn’t feel like they cared much. maybe it was him. there were cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors and teachers, they were there out of obligation. he once heard his aunts boyfriend in the other room declare ‘it’s easier to deal with a nine year old kid than the law’ their chuckles – blended with the crack of aluminum cans, disposable lighter flicks, and the sniffing of whatever it was they sniffed.

yah, he had a lot of excuses, or could we call them reasons, but as he made his way to the court house today, there wasn’t a person in this world that would take responsibility for what he was going to do. no one but him.

“yah, well then can you send the cab over here? i. what? i just said 314. yes cobbway. how long. you gotta be kidding me? you know what? forget it.” he started out the door…