a week in pictures requires a week of pictures and i am weak on pictures. i will not bore you all with the details, but i had my fantasy football draft last night and i have another one tonight. however, i should let you know that i am the reigning champ in one of my leagues. yes, my masterful managing of “mayo’s clinic” brought home the hardware. in addition to putting together the perfect fantasy roster, we had family in town. it was a darn good time filled with: late night talking, early morning giggling, downtown investigating, mountain awing, pizza eating, pinata smashing (a green monster pinata, and after all the kids had their turns, the adults went. my brother thought an aluminum bat would do the trick. i am sure he “loosened it up” for r.), birthday candle blowing, coffee drinking, and mid-day goodbyeing.

it’s rained for the past three days and the temperature has dropped about twenty degrees. the rain was needed, and a break from the heat has been nice. i must have forgotten about the drop in temperature, and the half hour of weather updates i watched this morning for r. as she made her way to mississippi, for the girls wore dresses and sandals to the library. it wouldn’t have been bad if the conversation prior to story time wasn’t about finding fall clothes and how cold it was outside, ah, they’re tough kids. they also made up a cool new dance called the “chitter chatter shake”, h. was not into it.
i love this picture. a., in purple, is walking away from h. because she would not share her brooms. first of all i was proud of a. for walking away, but what she did next was great. a. went into the garage and got one of h.’s favorite toys. h. went after the toy and dropped the brooms. a. put on an act that she really wanted the toy, but found it in her heart to share. after h. had the toy, a. slowly made her way to the brooms. a two for one. lately, a. has been inflating the value on toys she does not want to get at what h. has got. just wait until h. figures out the game.

two more tidbits: h. is ready for phish tour and we took the girls to their first rave.

this picture was taken moments ago. i dress up in this from time to time. i just turned around and there was a. – i jumped.

okay, for those two of you that may be interested.
qb. joe flacco
rb. gore, blount, moreno, and daniel williams
wr. welker, bryant, v. jackson, bowe, l. moore, and burleson
te. mercedes lewis (gotta love the name)
d. san diego
k. janikowski