we went to atlanta this past weekend. what a great city.
we enjoyed: walking and statues in centennial olympic park, ate hotdogs and a veggie burger at googie burger (i know), geeked out at imagine it! (ah it’s their name. if you’re new to the blog, i don’t like exclamation points) , were amazed by whale sharks, beluga whales, the dolphin show and all else aquatic at the georgia aquarium (by the way that is me and h.. i guess my first time posting my mug), and time together. the ride home was anything but pleasant, but a small price to pay for the adventure. let’s just say h. was having a “difficult time”.

there will be more travel for us in the next couple months. we are fortunate to be with r. on some of her upcoming business trips and then we are heading home for a week in early october. my thoughts are cranking regarding how i am going to continue blogging at a reasonable pace, all the while trying to provide thoughtful, or at the very least entertaining,pieces. this blog is important to me, and it has been a great outlet as i have transitioned from the outside working world to staying at home with the kids. my blog has become as necessary to me as my daily run/exercise, my breakfast of yogurt, flax, raison, and granola, my morning coffee, my afternoon tea and the back porch with r. after the kids go to bed. the best way to keep up is to stay organized. in order to stay focused i am going to designate a topic/category for the days of the week that i am blogging. tuesdays are going to be known as “the best of the week in pictures – and some comments. okay, probably a ton of comments and continued ramblings”. much better than “top ten tuesdays” right? i think my more introspective rambling will be on thursdays. i will not under any circumstance name them “thoughtful thursdays”. i think they could be called “my brain will explode if i don’t try to make sense out of the world by over-examining every aspect of it and getting feed back thursdays”. perfect.

they may not always be this personal. this is how it happened this week. here we go.

10. our children who had morphed into puppies – panting, licking, and eating out of bowls on the floor – (which I love and think their use of imagination is terrific) can now be found with two stuffed animals coming out the top of their shirts cause they are pregnant puppies.

9. we now have two hermit crabs. oobleck and bea. a. named oobleck after the dr. seuss book “bartholomew and the oobleck” and h. named bea, well, after bea.

8. we found this painting at the thrift store. i think it looks like h., but a. really wants it in her room. we compromised and put it in the closet, i mean hallway.

7. apparently izze soda, ice tea, jones soda and ibc root beer are “new age beverages.” i think that’s funny target.

6. our painting of lou reed was hung behind our table. he’s “so over” our meals. a. calls him louie and blames every burp and fart on him. this morning she told him “we invited you into the house louie. i want you to start saying excuse me and stop burping so much.”

5. yesterday a. kept saying “dad, my mind is telling me to say words like poopy and diarrhea and I just I don’t want to say them, but my mind is telling me to. I’m getting frustrated with my mind.”

4. i found out that r. has a thing for groupers.

3. while doing art projects the difference between a 4 and a 2-year-old becomes glaringly obvious.

2. i thought of a title for my memoir as a stay at home dad, “against the wall.” this is what i say to them when i have to visit the restroom. perhaps it could also be the title of their memoir. what damage am i doing?

1. a. came into our room the other morning and said “mom, dad, I looked out my window last night and saw the moon. it was so big and beautiful.” how cool, she took the time to notice. I wished I could have been a fly on the wall while she had that important moment of being alone and saw something awe-inspiring, but realized that it then wouldn’t have existed. she was so inspired that she woke up at 6:30 to tell us about it.