lately a. wishes she could be anything and everything other than a little girl. she sees something that she finds interesting and “wishes i could be it. so i could…”. i thought this would be a nice way to glide into the weekend. i remembered a few from the last couple days, and she is in my office now helping me remember all the things she wishes she could be. of course she is in my office in her underwear because “dad, that is the only way i can do somersaults.” i wonder what her gymnastics instructor will think of this on monday.

nothing profound – just fun.

“i wish i could be a spider. because i could walk on a spider web instead of cement.”
“i wish i could be a puppy. cause i wish i could pee and poop on the ground.” we did discuss that she has done this – once camping and the other at a park in indiana.
“i wish i could be a badger. because i wish i could have stripes on me like a badger. i want to be bucky badger” yes.
“i wish i could be a spider-web. because i wish a spider could walk on me.” um a., hate to break it to you but they can and do.

i do have to share a quick story that took place while our family was in town. last saturday or sunday night we were watching a movie in the living room after the kids went to bed. something caught my eye away from the screen. it was a rather large spider near the baseboards making its way towards the fireplace. i pointed it out to the group. feet went up, gulps were audible and r. quickly shot out “that’s yours dude.”. i asked for a piece of paper towel – this spider was beyond tissue. i couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was something different about her. like staring at a three legged cat before someone clues you in. i went to squish it and hundreds of baby spiders flew in every direction. “get em’ get em'” r. now had no choice but to help squish as many of the babies as we could – gosh that sounds horrible. i knew i had momma spider down, but her babies were bouncing everywhere. have you ever seen this? evidently it was a wolf spider and they carry their babies on their backs for a short period of time. it looked like this.

. then yesterday i found a black widow in the garage. she is no longer there. last night a. crept into bed with us. something about a bad dream – i was too tired to argue. she got in. i forgot she was in bed and felt something on my chest (her ponytail), but, yes, i thought it was a spider. boy, did i freak her out as i kicked the covers off and started patting myself down.

“i wish i could be a seed. because i really wish i could grow like a seed. grow into a tree” i asked “why would you want to be a tree?”
“so i could have leaves on me and birds could land on me.”
she just informed me that she only has one more answer for me.
“i wish i could be a lava lamp. because i wish i could have little blue things coming up in me.”

“a.? is there anything else you would like to tell the people i am writing to.”
“i want to be chocolate milk. cause i wish everybody could drink me and i could go into their bellies. i wish i could be everything that’s an animals and just be them but most of all a puppy, and love everybody.”

i did not make the video below, but found it appropriate.
enjoy your weekend.