pipe – usually not lit. okay, never lit – but i should light it sometime right?

door knob – a going away present from a good friend.

love rock – r. gave to the girls to hold when she travels. she found it jogging the morning before her latest trip to atlanta. talk about awareness. not “rock of love“.

model train engine – my grandpa loved trains. this was his.

picture of my grandpa and grandma – i think they were in new york. i enjoy staring at it and seeing other family members pop out of their faces. resemblances – not hallucinations.

whale tooth, buddha, and a “memento from rome” – my dad brought the whale tooth back to me from california? when i was young, the buddha i bought in door county,wi (door county) when i was in my teens and the “memento from rome” was in my grandparents house. no idea who gave them the memento, but i like it.

pocket watch – need to get it working.

eve, mary, adam, and animals – i have had mary since my teen years. i love it for many reasons. the adam and eve in the garden sculpture is really cool looking, but still wondering why all the animals in front of adam,eve, and the snake (with apple in mouth).

1942 badgers litho – this is from my grandparents as well. (read here)

newspaper cut out of kurt’s leg through the window – i have always hated that style of converse.