jack hopped over the fence and the other agent stepped two feet to the left and found an opening to go through.  no, we are not re-watching the first season of 24 – we are first watching the first season of 24.  it is a great show – as most the world knew ten years ago.

we went to the farmers market today.  tomatoes, egg plant, beans, flowers, strawberry bread and goat cheese.  the kids tried the goat cheese – h. needed a paper towel for her chin and i was glad no one smacked a. on her back (see “a christmas story”). we came home and made tomato sandwiches – h. wanted ravioli.  after lunch h. went down for her nap (she was up a bunch last night. milestone coming?), and while r. cleaned the floors a. sat up on our bar-top table with me.  she felt pretty cool with her feet dangling and new view of the “pool girls” house.  i was playing on my phone when a. says “dad, who are the people makers?” “why was i made the way i am?” “i don’t like the way the people makers made me – i want to be made like mommy” r. and my answers to the questions and how we discussed that with a. is not the point of my sharing her questions.  rather, it is the fact that she believes, without provocation, that there are people makers, aside from mommy and daddy, and that she is conscious of the fact that she was and wants to be made differently than others. ( i can’t stop laughing at the image “people makers” puts in my head. why do i feel like they are really little?) anyhow, we can’t dig too far into the psyche of a 4 year old saying she doesn’t like the way she was made.  believe me, we reassured her of her beauty, but this is the same developing mind that believes her daddy is the prince of the neighborhood, mommy travels to the water tower on the interstate (that is south carolina), and that it’s a good idea for her sister to put peas in her nose.  which h. did last night.  the last one came out two hours after dinner. a bit like her daddy trying to get laughs.  in turn we cannot dismiss these questions as “just coming from a 4 year old.”  these questions are putting a move-on r. and i figuring out how we are going to share our “answers” about what are ultimately opinions. do we need to worry or perfectly craft the perfect answers for her questions?

when r. got back from her travels thursday night.  “travels” sounds like she was legging it from paris to london and back.  “legging it” sounds like i think i know what it is like to travel – other than canada and mexico i haven’t been outside the states.  someday. she had business in south carolina (um. the water tower) and georgia.  when she got home the kids were in bed and we stayed up late on the back porch talking.  i enjoy our “kids are in bed” talks on the porch, sometimes bob uecker (milwaukee brewers baseball radio play caller) interrupts our conversation, but generally we harmonize well with the crickets and cicadas.  the basis of our conversation was how we are going to share with our children our spiritual, religious, and political beliefs. neither of us wants to tell them what to think, but there is groundwork that will give them the foundation necessary to choose whatever they want with the guidance and understanding of love and compassion.  robin and i differ a bit in our view on this subject, but have many good discussions as we both dig deeper into that great question “what does it all mean.”  i think we came to the agreement that it is analogous to the following situation.  there is a disaster somewhere in the world.  the red cross, church groups, habitat for humanity, etc. etc. show up to help with the efforts. they all have different beliefs, funding, and jobs, but they are all working towards the same end – rebuilding a community. and hey – they generally all get along.

i am sure i am not spoiling anything.  jack and the agent ended up at the same spot after getting through/over the fence, but jack stayed behind and risked his life for “answers” from an unknown source and the other agent left to consult with co-workers.

can’t believe it took this long. seems appropriate today.  my blogs namesake. worth the 10 minutes.