um, this was a stream of consciousness. needed to write, but obviously lacked focus. here is my brain dumped out in 3 minutes. enjoy

something sent shivers down my spine this morning. a dream about you, yah you, and the way that we may end up if i stop. stop what? that was the question, and i kept arriving at the same spot downtown where the light never seems to stay green long enough to get across. both by foot and in our car. we crept early rather than skid across late. that old man with his worn out bucket was on the side of the interstate. what was in there this time? fish? that was always your guess. my bet was he had nothing left. my advantage was the rearview mirror – i could see the hole in the side of his bucket, banging against his leg, growing and useless. lift one, lift two, snap snap, tap tap and off. around and down the streets of this red clay town. here we are again – our favorite light. going to skid across late and take a right. stop? it can’t happen. i don’t even know that i’m going. i became what it is you fear to lose. it is you who still resides – closed in the walls of options. there are no options when you become and the ability to continue is innate. unfortunately this is something that we can’t even talk about. not that i don’t want to, believe me, i just don’t know what you are talking about. you speak my language, but about topics that don’t exist. now you’re driving, ugh, where are we going. you keep nodding and my mouth is dry. words, explanations, and digging. hello? are you listening? why am i? hey, turn left. there must be some way that i can get through to you. what is that man doing with that bucket? i wonder if you know where you are going. the car stops. we get out and without thinking take turns beating the hell out of “bucket” man with the rusty side of his accessory. you stop suddenly, look up at me, down at the bucket, up at me, then we both look at the bucket. you notice the hole. why did you run? i hope we see each other again.

we go to the early works children’s museum in downtown huntsville ( at least once a week. here is a pic of the girls heading west. whoa horsey. a mellow friday. we joined the ymca. a new facility that is quite impressive. a. and h. are pretty excited about the swim area and i’m excited that i can work out while the kids play with other kids. socialization and alone time all in one. it rained while we were at the park, came home had “finish the food in the fridge friday”, and here we are during nap and quiet time. i did get a wonderful prince/princess dance with a. a few moments ago.

enjoy the weekend.