we all need to eat. random thoughts about food.

an item that i am super conscious of during the day is food – what we are eating and whether the kids are eating enough at our “scheduled” meal times.  it is probably because i am impossible to be around when i am hungry, and i am a bit hardcore ab]]><![CDATA[out structure.  prior to the girls, and maybe after, i can recall pulling over in parking lots with r. and having full-blown arguments about where we were going to eat.  i contested that she, as the pickier eater, should choose the restaurant so i wouldn't be blamed if she were disappointed.  it would turn into a stubborn battle of "why can't you make decisions".  "oh, why can't i make decisions? let's look at the last few…"  we'd go to one of our three "standbys", huff for a bit, and apologize after our free chips and salsa.

we are fortunate that both of our kids are good eaters, messy, but good – most of the time. h. likes anything with a red liquid (ketchup, marinara, blood) on it  and a. turns her nose up to 80% of the meals initially, but when left alone she starts eating and enjoys most food.  the trouble at meal times start because h. follows everything that a. does. a.'s attempt at a power struggle over the way yogurt was spread on her pancakes quickly turns h. into a catapult of everything in front of her.  it works the other way as well.  i wink at a. sometimes and ask her to turn towards h. and act like she really likes her meal – with a wink back, turn of the head, and devilish grin – she goes to work "wow i really love this food h..  these saltines and tuna are like totally the best thing ever eh yah huh h. have you tried them"  she looks back at me making sure i understand the deal – a popsicle will need to turn up by the end of the meal or she'll make certain the mashed potatoes find the carpet.  lunches have become more quiet.  each of us finding our own place to space while getting our fill.  meal time is important to me.  breakfast is a slow mellow meal with discussion about the upcoming day, lunch is quiet time to process the morning, and dinner is a time to seat-dance, sing, talk way to loud,  and generally enjoy the four of us being together.

the girls and i enjoy cooking together. time-consuming and messy? yes. but totally worth it. yesterday we made corn bread muffins. a tip – we used 1/3 cup agave in place of 1 cup of sugar and used 1/3 cup smart oil in place of butter — that of course was to make way for the cup of shredded cheddar that we “needed” to add.  a. and i have made granola and other baked items together since she was two – adding h. to the mix is perfect.  she provides the necessary soundtrack to our ingredient mixing.  r. and i feel that an awareness of food and where it comes from is important – but we aren’t 100% consistent in our employment of our ideals.  we do try to make it to the farmers markets with the girls weekly and choose fresh organic fruits and vegetables when we can.  a former colleague of mine and his wife are sharing their experiences of growing/raising their own food and eating local- check out their blog “the backyard market” (http://thebackyardmarket.blogspot.com).  a great blog for recipes, introduction to new foods, and stories about their successes, failures and attempts at raising chickens, eating local, growing veggies, and everything in-between.

speaking of nutrition.  five years ago i took a picture a day of our students’ lunch trays.  i did not doctor or change the tray in any way.  all pictures were taken moments before the victims, i mean students, were taking them off the counter.  it still amazes me that these pictures are real. i had thoughts of making a coffee table picture book, but never executed.

food. yah. it’s kind of important.

a good mellow day today.  we went downtown to the children’s museum and the spring.  a woman there was feeding the ducks and fish. it was super entertaining.  a. commented on how colorful the cereal was.

we went to sci-quest two days ago. more about that tomorrow. maybe.