yes, i take weekends off. perhaps there is enough material there for another blog. let’s just say we had a nice weekend together and continue to settle in our home. the garage is set up – what a sweaty mess that was, and we met more neighbors.

we seem to fear what we can’t predict. when we know somethings intention and understand the next logical step in a process – which is the organized world – we are much more at ease. bugs don’t live in that world and a. doesn’t want to live in the bugs world. r. left for south carolina this morning and we headed to the state park on the mountain. it’s about a half hour away and a beautiful drive up a narrow corridor of trees that canopy the road. a. asked what the playground was like and i said it was a nature park not a playground park. we wound our way up through the park entrance – only $2 for the day and an all year pass is north of $125 – not sure we would use it that much. we turn the first corner into the park and find a humongous playground area. a. was besides herself and i kept eyeing the panoramic view that you could barely see through the trees. after our sunscreen spray downs (bug spray next time) we climbed, swung and jumped around at the playground. you know, it’s always a funny moment when your eyes are off of your child and they are by another child and that child falls or hurts themselves – did my sweet and precious daughter shove that girl? no way. hmmm. guess no one ever knows. after playing for a while i strongly urged that we go check out the view. a. was not into it and h. was happy to sip on her water and play “follow the leader”.  we were admiring the beautiful scenery when a pesky fly decided to fly by a.’s face and, just like the downpour of rain last week, she flipped lid.  now, i am not sure if i did the right thing, are we ever? unless of course they are on death row, then we may look back on a few moments we may have made mistakes — that time you watched them cut the tail off of the neighbor cat or pull the legs off of frogs, while laughing and whispering “now you’re mine”. yah, that may have been a sign to get help.  perhaps those are not “phases”.  i insisted that she sit there until she calmed down and understood that the fly was not going to hurt her.  well, this upped the screaming to a new level and the nice grandma with her poodle and nine year old granddaughter, all the stoners in the woods, and anyone else out to find some quiet i’m sure loved my approach.  but – sat there we did and she finally relaxed enough to wipe her eyes and ask to go to the car.  we did – h. wanted to take the long way (i think her almost 2 year old mind is grasping what may upset her big sister).  we left the park and had a quiet ride home.

the rest of the day was lunch, nap, thrift stores (daddy it smells funny in here), dinner, pool, and popsicle.

oh, there is carpet in my office.  i think it took 45 minutes to do, which left me (of course) thinking that i could have done it myself.  time to unpack years of oddities that i haven’t surrounded myself with for a long time. this is my “geek out” space. i am hoping a space of my own will bring inspiration.