well, yesterday was eatin’ by the dmv or DeeeUmVay. evidently from 12-12:45 the people who work at the dmv take lunch, and the rest of us wait until it’s over. we got there at 11:45. r. came with to hang with the girls while i officially, at least by license, became an alabamian. we also plated the vehicles.
yesterday morning was finger painting, which ended with the necessary paint in hair. we had fun and getting messy is part of the gig. i enjoy most when they are both creating in their own worlds, without direction, and for me it takes a conscious effort to not direct – hey, i’m good at it.
r., a.,h. and i (no oxford comma for you mister sentence) went to bridge street and played in the water. hot days and cool water. we then rocked our suits to a local cafe, cafe 153, which without provocation the woman working the counter assured us (not knowing we didn’t need the assurance and don’t believe in their insurance) that cafe 153 was a biblical reference. i had to ask what – evidently that is the number of fish jesus netted one day. no where near babe winkelman. dinner was very good and we all got our mango juice fix – a. has been eating like a mad woman. i think she’s going through a spurt. she told me yesterday about TeeLee – do you know about this? it is a sad song that she sings to go to bed. she said “it’s a sad song dad and then i wake up happy. you know that is the way life is sad and happy.” wowza
she also shared that the marbles that she gets for sleeping through the night aren’t exciting. what on earth does she know about that is possibly more exciting than marbles. having said that she woke this morning excited to trade the five marbles in for a trip to the children’s museum and feeding the fish and ducks at the spring. both girls were heavenly this morning, at least a hundred and fifty three smiles, and everything was clicking. the end to our first week staying home together.
structure, flexibility and slowing down – my first week lessons.
r. and i are also working on eliminating “no” and just saying what behavior we would like to see in it’s place. the word “no” is a trap and power struggles are ridicules — yet we all have them.
h. is sleeping like a baby and a. is with r. getting new glasses. r. has been able to join us through out the day and we are excited to have our weekend together. she is the best mom i could imagine. we are not traditional by structure, so we have heard from enough people, but it works for us – finding our roles in our lives together makes it a heck of a lot easier and gives us more time than if we were playing roles that were not true to our nature.
did i mention my “office” gets carpeted on monday?
well, going to build some shelves while h. sleeps.
i hear thunder.
i stand near confusion.
i eat green vegetables.
i touch dirty keys.
i smell forced air carpeting.