well, day two of staying at home with the girls. yesterday was filled with children’s museum, wanting mommy in her office and playing in our new playroom. today we had a slow morning – this is the part that i struggle with the most – relaxing and taking it at a pace that children enjoy. i “forced” myself to sip coffee while the kids played in the pool. i actually caught myself finding peaceful moments spacing out at the forrest and watching the tractors go by with mounds of red dirt that they are moving as the subdivision grows. next stop was bridge street – a neat outdoor shopping area with tubes of water that shoot out of the ground for kids to play – which is where we stopped. the girls warmed up to cooling down and a nice transplant from st. louis assured me that we would love madison – it is family friendly and clean. everyone we have met has been incredibly kind. almost a midwestern vibe to their kindness or maybe it’s the southern hospitality hmm. perhaps people everywhere are kind and that damn tv is telling us otherwise so we walk around suspicious and anxious biting on any lie that they tell us.
we went into the apple store and home. the girls had a lunch that made them happy – left over mac and cheese and hotdogs. cold.
h. ( my two year old daughter – i will use first initial like old russian novels) struggled mightily going down for a nap yesterday. i hit the same time today and she is out cold. a. is playing quietly behind me and we are all getting our down time. something i wanted to be sure to start right away. my wife and i adapt well and i hope our kids will do the same throughout their lives.
as i said that h. began to scream.
our house is becoming a home. we met the neighbors last night and they are very kind as well. they have a 3 year old daughter and another one on the way. bonus. he plays ultimate frisbee and knew what my disc golf basket was. now i know that it isn’t that secret of a sport, but nice to have a young couple next door who is in the same life position as we are.
well, off to read a christopher moore book that i got at “the shoot” in friendship, indiana.