I feel the need to say hello or at least give some sort of a greeting as we meet one another through these pages. So, hello and enjoy.

I have had interest in starting a blog for quite some time, but with a 4 and soon-to-be 2 year old it has been hard to find the time. Another thing that kept this project at bay was Richard (anyone remember Richard Bey? Jerry Springer before Jerry Springer) not Richard, but I thought I needed to have a single theme or angle that would define my blog, and perhaps that is true, but the single theme is going to be idiosyncratic ramblings. I am guessing something more powerful, to me at least, will emerge. Although there are a lot of richards halting progress in the world as well. From tea to music, writing to my family, and other observations and questions – please enjoy the ride.

The title of the blog, perhaps obvious to some, is an ode to my favorite bob dylan song “idiot wind” which incidentally was the first song i played for my wife when we first met 14 years ago at the age of 19.

My name is Andy. I was a Special Education Teacher living in Madison, WI for 9 years. My wife was recently offered a new position within her company that brought us to Madison, Alabama. We packed up and moved south. The best part? I am now a stay at home dad with more/less time. I have had my moments in the summers with my girls, but this is the real deal. I needed a change after 9 years in a pretty intense environment and am welcoming the opportunities that will come.

That is it for now.
Talk soon.